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Trade Policy

Trade Your Books with Us

Have a stack a books that you have read and eager to start a new stack?  

Consider doing a trade in at BR Books!

Read our policy below to learn about the trade-in process:

How Do I Trade In Books?

You may bring in your gently used books any day during our business hours up to a half hour before closing.  Please try to limit your books to a reasonable amount. A general guideline would be 1 paper grocery bag or 1 copy paper box.

When you come in, just drop off your books at the counter with the sales associate. Please provide us with your first name so we can label your credit slip – it helps prevent mix-ups during busy times. You can go browse while we figure out your trade.

We will write up a trade credit slip for you. If you have a previous slip from us, please provide it to the sales associate and we will add your previous credit to the total. Please keep track of your credit slip – we do not keep records in the store.

Why Can’t I Use All Of My Store Credit?

If you like BR Books as much as we do, then you’ll want to help us keep our doors open. In order to do so, you will always have to spend a little; otherwise we wouldn’t be able to stay in business. Sadly, utility companies and our landlord don’t accept books as payment!

How Much Can I Get For My Trades?

We offer you store credit only, not cash. 

Credit is calculated at 1/4 the cover price for gently used paperbacks. Credit for hardcover books and large print books is calculated at 1/2 of what we will sell the book for.

Our hardcover books are generally sold at $7.50, $5.00, or $2.00 depending on age, genre, condition, and popularity. Large print books are sold at $6.00.


How Can I Use My Store Credit?

Store Trade Credit can be used for up to 50% of your purchase.

For instance, if you bought 1 paperback for $3.  It would be $1.50 from your credit and $1.50 from cash.

Store credit cannot be used toward the purchase of clearance items or hardcovers marked “Not for Trade”.

Any credit that you have left over carries over to your next visit

Our Quality Commitment

We take great pride in the quality and selection of our books because we know how important that is to you. Chances are that we may not accept some of your books for trade. It’s nothing against you or your books. We love our customers and we love books of all kinds!

It’s more likely that books are not accepted for one of the following reasons:

  • We are overstocked on that title or author.
  • The book is in too poor of a condition for us to resell. See condition guidelines.
  • We are not confident we can resell the book.

Used Book Condition Guidelines

We will consider any book that is in gently used condition, whether paperback or hardcover, for trade. However, we generally do not accept books with the following issues:

  • Ex-library Books
  • Missing a cover or dust jacket
  • Ripped or torn cover
  • Loose or missing pages
  • Ripped or torn pages
  • Tape on the cover or pages
  • Highlighted or written in
  • Water damage
  • Food or drink spills
  • Dirt, mold or mildew
  • Insect or animal damage
  • Prior bargain purchases that have been cover clipped or “X”d

Sorry, but we do not accept encyclopedias, national geographic, reader’s digest, magazines, or textbooks at this time.

We reserve the right to refuse any book. We do sell used books and welcome you to bring them back.  However, used books are passed through several hands and eventually will become damaged or fall apart.

If we reject a book that is in good condition, we may not have the need for it at this time and welcome you to bring it back another time.  We receive many requests.  Something that we may turn down this month, we may be in need of next month.

Thank you for reading with us,

The BR Books Team